Professional Window Cleaning

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Kilroy is in its 15th season of professional snow removal in Calgary. Keeping sidewalks and driveways clear through the worst of what our unique winters have to offer. Contracts are offered from November to April. Snow removal generally takes place within 24 hours of the end of the last snowfall or in the event of a continuous snowfall, once a day until the snow stops. Call for more info and a free quote.​

For residential snow removal we don't use plows since many of our customers have nice brick or aggregate driveways as well as landscaping we would not want to damage. We find the back pack blowers and shovels work best, or if there's lots of snow we use snow blowers.  We do not offer fixed times of day for the visits as snowfalls and conditions vary. Generally there is a fixed rate for the entire season however Individual monthly contracts are also available for your vacation time. Call for more info and a free quote.


Kilroy does promise to complete a job to your 100% customer satisfaction within the limits of safety and reason. However, Kilroy cannot guarantee against such things as damage from previous cleanings or construction, excessive deposits of substances like silicone, varnish or the buildup left by extreme neglect This applies to screens and tracks as well. We also cannot guarantee against damaged window seals. Occasionally, a seal on a window or skylight will fail and the window will still appear dirty although all the residue has been removed. In this case the window needs to be replaced. Ask your Kilroy representative for more information.

​Kilroy's guarantee is valid for 7 days after completion not only against defects in workmanship, but incidents such as birdstike, egging, freak weather, etc. within that time period. We are not a large corporation and you have the personal promise of the owners Joe Spurrier & Liz Hadley, that any possible issues you might have will be dealt with in the most timely and efficient manner possible; even if he has to do it himself. Please contact the office immediately with any problems or concerns.